Save paper, save trees

Save paper save trees

Have you ever thought of what paper is made out of? Yes, it is trees most of the time.

Are you interested in knowing some statistics on tree usage on producing papers? If so, here we go.

  • – Paper accounts for 40 percent of the trees cut down by industry each year worldwide.
  • – 400 million tonnes of paper produced in 2010.
  • – A ton of paper costs 17 trees.
Wood harvest usage statistics for paper industry by WWF


Now you know that saving a piece of paper will ultimately save the trees. By doing so you can contribute reducing the impact that paper production has on the natural forest reserves, people and wildlife that depend on them. Also it will contribute in reducing the climate changes.

So, how can you save paper? There are many simple methods that can help you save paper, Some are given below.

  1. – Reuse paper, wrapping papers, paper bags etc.
  2. – Use both sides of the paper for writing as well as printing.
  3. – Write small whenever possible.
  4. – Make new paper from old or donate your used papers to organizations that do recycle paper.
  5. – Prefer recycled paper.
  6. – Look for alternatives. (e.g., treeless paper, clothes etc.)
  7. – Take advantage of technology. (e.g., e-books, e-payments etc.)
  8. – Think before you photocopy.
  9. – Be cautious when printing. (e.g., print on both sides, small fonts etc.)
  10. – Avoid your family/friends/colleges from wasting paper.


Save paper, save trees!



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