Deforestation and the impact on sea water levels and acid rains



The earth was made 4.5 billion years ago and far as we know, it is the only planet where life is possible. Technology made milestones and we harvested natures resources to meet the necessities of modern life. And an unbelievable amount of damage has been done to earth in the last century alone. Past century shows an immense loss of forest area all over the world. This tends to increase the greenhouse gas emissions and also the earths temperature, defrosting the polar ice caps thereby increasing sea levels.

Deforestation impact on the Sea level and Acid rains


There is no doubt about the sea water level increasing, the question we must be aware about is “How fast the level of sea water is increasing?” and “why?” Because protecting usable land is important for our survival. Foot by foot sea level is increasing so what would happen to the earth? The coastal areas will vanished in the near future. Important reason for the temperature increment is because humans burn fossil fuel for industrial activities and vehicles which produce CO2 and other polluting gases which heats up the atmosphere. Forests are producing O2 by absorbing the CO2 . The percentage of CO2 in our atmosphere is increased 33% in the past 100 years alone.

The oceans absorb CO2 in the environment and transfer that to Deep Ocean (pH level of the sea is increasing). Therefore the CO2 percentage increase is making the sea more acidic. This is also creating the acid rains. Best solution is to control the equilibrium is the reforest.

We have already lost 50% of the world forests. Talking about Sri Lanka, forests are destroyed for several purposes with the Annual deforestation rate of 1.5%(+/-). Thinking about past won’t work, but thinking about the future is essential. We should ensure a habitable earth for our future generations. We need to do an immediate impact, intentionally to control the deforestation and educate everyone. We need to tell everyone what is happening.



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