Reforest Sri Lanka at University of Kelaniya

Reforesting activity conduced at university of kelaniya

Reforestation has become more paramount important in today’s context than ever before given the pace at which deforestation takes place in Sri Lanka. Thus shouldering the responsibility in sustaining the environment for the better tomorrow a tree planting programme was initiated at the University of Kelaniya to commemorate the collaboration with Reforest Sri Lanka society on the 15th July 2015. Reforest Sri Lanka initiative was able to receive the endorsement by the University of Kelaniya which was recently declared as the First National Green University. The event was commenced under the patronage of the Dean of the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies Dr. D.M. Semasinghe, and graced by the presence of the Staff members at the Department of Commerce and Financial Management including Senior Lecturer Dr. S.M.A.K Samarakoon, Lecturer H.A.H. Hettiarachchi, Dr. U.P.K. Epa representing Green Practices Committee and Landscaping Unit of University of Kelaniya and members from Reforest Sri Lanka including Ansumal Kumarage, Nilushi Weerakoon, Achala Meddegama, Lasanthika Munasinghe, Bavatharani Iyer and Nishantha Banadara.


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