Reforestation campaign at Kottawa Forest Reserve, Galle

Reforestation campaign at Kottawa Forest Reserve, Galle

A reforestation campaign was carried out at Kottawa Forest Reserve in Galle, on 29th of September 2015. The event was organized by Reforest Sri Lanka with the assistance of Galle Divisional Forest Officer, Mr. Mohan Heenatigala and his team. Some members from “Save Wilpattu” community and an assistant lecturer from University of Kelaniya were also joining in the event.

The site identified for reforestation had been deforested illegally to plant tea. Fortunately the forest officers had spotted it and taken action to re-acquire the captured area.

One hundred (100) trees were planted during the reforestation campaign including the plant varieties Keena, Beraliya, Na, Goraka and Duriyan. Also the team got involved in cleaning the polythene that has been disposed by illegal tea plantation which was a disaster to the area that was reforested.

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